This is a short representation of  my work as a cinematographer, photographer, camera-operator and -assistant.

 Enjoy and have a nice day!

Yoeri Hostie Curriculum


Cinema & Television



Zooks (2018) // Ketnet/VRT, Sancta Media, Potemkino, The Fridge

Job: Camera-Operator and First Assistant Editor

Director: Dimitri Leue, Kristoff Leue, Thomas Ceulemans


Patser (2018) // A Team Productions

Job:  Camera Assistant (Additional Camera Crew)

Director of Photography: Robrecht Heyvaert



Safety First Season II (2014) // Shelter

Job: Trainee (Behind the Scenes documentary)

Director of Photography: Pieter van Alphen



Short Film ‘Zvuk’ (2016) // Nomination Best Cinematography 48H Project

Job: Director of Photography

Director: Ben Verrept


Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 18.26.27Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 17.41.51

Shortfilm ‘Onder Ons Twee'(2017)

Job: Director of Photography

Director: Ben Verrept


Short – ‘Onder Havengrond’// Ritcs (2017)

Job: Director of Photography

Director: Roma Dhaen


Portrait Jeroen Brouwers (2015) // Uitgeverij Polis

Job: Director of Photography & Director


MAS Museum Antwerp


Video Installation (2017)

Job: Director of Photography/Director

Sounddesign: Hans De Wit – http://www.renmegane.com

Production: Watt Kunstenfestival



Music Video ‘Kroese – Like a Sulky Girl’ (2015)

Job: Director and Director of Photography